Company Overview
“Quantech takes care of its people; our people will take care of the customer,” a quote from our President/CEO, Jim Monopoli.  Corporate initiatives that complement our compensation package and enable the “circle of business” philosophy are goal setting (employee performance plans, clearly defined expectations), focused training (individual training plans, tuition reimbursement) and a positive work environment. The combination of Quantech’s compensation package and “circle of business” philosophy have resulted in an 87% retention rate supporting Government customers and an average annual growth rate of 85%. The Quantech approach to minimizing personnel turnover is a “win-win” approach particularly for our customers who receive continuous, low risk, quality support from “one team” employees. At Quantech our people come first and we believe in supporting a true work life balance for our employees based on our employee first culture. Our employees can with approval work flexible schedules which support the customer, program and needs of our families.
Company Summary
Quantech Services, Inc.
Number of Employees
(781) 271-9757
91 Hartwell Avenue
#2nd Floor
Lexington, MA